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Hi, I'm Shakib 👋

Hi, I am a Professional Software Engineer. I am currently pursuing my B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering. I love learning and working with new technologies. I have been coding in Python and JavaScript for more than three years now. Recently, I have also started learning Flutter.

Little Back Story

I was born in 1996 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I first started coding when I was 15, I think. C was the first programming language I learned. Then after some time I started doing some competitive programming in various platforms like UVa, Hackerrank, CodeForces etc. I think this really helped me when I started to develop things, especially in the Backend.

After that I tried Front-End Technologies(HTML, CSS, JS etc). But Backend Development was always appealing to me. So, I started learning some Backend Programming after a while. First, I tried Ruby on Rails for a while then after some time I tried Django and instantly I knew what my favorite framework is going to be. Since then, I have been working with Django, Python etc. Also, my previous Front-End knowledge helped me to work with frameworks like React.js, Vue.js etc.

My Skills 💪

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C, C++

Front-End Frameworks: React.js, Vue.js

Back-End Frameworks: Django, Flask, Node.js, Express.js

Databases: MySQL, Postgresql, Sqlite3